I Like to Move it, Move it

To be healthy and  feel strong you’ve got to move it…at least a little.

I love to exercise.  That is, when I have a lot of time and energy.  So, not very often.  I almost always like it, even on the bad days.  One thing I must have is variety.  I get way to bored doing the same thing everyday.  Here is a countdown of some exercises on my radar.  I am always looking for new ideas.

What do you do to move it?

10.  Run:  I may run to the car in the rain, but nope, not even a little for workouts.  (knee & hip pain)

9.  Swim:  Would love to, however, it is way too inconvenient right now so my laziness will never make it to a pool.

8.  Bike:  Used to love it.  After a hip injury, it hurt too much.  There may be hope for this one in the future.

7. Pilates dvd:  Liked it for about a month.  I ended up adapting almost every exercise on it to avoid pain.

6. Parkour:  I used to free run all the time…..Ya right.

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Advance Directives

I was listening to talk radio on my drive home and heard a story that inspired me to write about one of the most important decisions that everyone can make for themselves and their families.

Advanced health care directives

But I’m not dying!  Many people think it is too early to do this until it is too late.  In the story tonight, they stated that only 30% of Americans have advanced directives.  Not having a living will or a health care power of attorney, will put your family in the position of making difficult decisions in a difficult time with no real guidance from you.  They may also be decisions that you would disagree with if you were able.

Do you already have these? Do you think you it is necessary?

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Introduction Letter

a new blog about health tips for womenHi!

Welcome to my little blog.  I am an allied health care worker working to improve my life.  Over the years I have met some great people through this blog and look forward to continuing the journey.  In additional to health related topics, I blog about art, photography, hiking, and whatever is worth a share.  Thank you for visiting!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZ8RC3LLrZoCGfZtcanGHw

Zazzle: https://www.zazzle.com/store/active_art/collections

Laura “Katie”

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