I Like to Move it, Move it

To be healthy and  feel strong you’ve got to move it…at least a little.

I love to exercise.  That is, when I have a lot of time and energy.  So, not very often.  I almost always like it, even on the bad days.  One thing I must have is variety.  I get way to bored doing the same thing everyday.  Here is a countdown of some exercises on my radar.  I am always looking for new ideas.

What do you do to move it?

10.  Run:  I may run to the car in the rain, but nope, not even a little for workouts.  (knee & hip pain)

9.  Swim:  Would love to, however, it is way too inconvenient right now so my laziness will never make it to a pool.

8.  Bike:  Used to love it.  After a hip injury, it hurt too much.  There may be hope for this one in the future.

7. Pilates dvd:  Liked it for about a month.  I ended up adapting almost every exercise on it to avoid pain.

6. Parkour:  I used to free run all the time…..Ya right.

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Advance Directives

I was listening to talk radio on my drive home and heard a story that inspired me to write about one of the most important decisions that everyone can make for themselves and their families.

Advanced health care directives

But I’m not dying!  Many people think it is too early to do this until it is too late.  In the story tonight, they stated that only 30% of Americans have advanced directives.  Not having a living will or a health care power of attorney, will put your family in the position of making difficult decisions in a difficult time with no real guidance from you.  They may also be decisions that you would disagree with if you were able.

Do you already have these? Do you think you it is necessary?

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I’m Not Sensitive!

Every time I hear the word ‘sensitive’ I think of a high school friend that was getting frustrated with a couple of us teasing her about something.  Someone told her “don’t be so sensitive we’re just kidding.”  She yelled back at us, teeth gritting: “I’m not sensitive”.  While that did stop us from teasing her–about what I don’t remember–we all had a laugh at the ironic delivery of her declaration.

I have a few self-diagnosed food sensitivities.  No real allergies or Celiac disease or any of the truly horrible things that many people have to live with.  I was a soy baby but dairy did make it back into my life.  I took lactate pills occasionally in my teen years.  I really did not believe that it was a big deal unless I wanted some cafe con leche (warm milk was always worse) or to binge on pizza.  Recently, I have been using a coconut based creamer in my coffee and have not had a lot of other dairy products simply as a product of my current diet.  I do feel consistently less bloated.  This could also be because I have cut way back on gluten.  I am not gluten free and hope I never have to be.  Just cutting down has been a struggle.  Sub sandwiches taste so wonderful but make me feel off for a few days after.  I have yet to figure out if it is the bread, the filler in the meat or something else.

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Diet Wars

Slim Fast, Medifast, juice fast, Hollywood diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, Meditteranean diet, raw foods, vegan foods, low calorie, low fat, low carb, South Beach, Atkins, carb haters, carb lovers…Ahhhh!

I have tried a few of these and some others. To paraphrase someone else: When there are a lot of options, none of them must be good.

A few years ago I devised my own version of a low carb plan. I did limit some of the vegetables and fruits that ‘they’ warn you against but, really… How many people could honestly declare “if only I had eaten fewer carrots”? The plan did work really well. After a year, I had lost about 30 pounds. Then, I found a new way to sabotage myself: food poisoning. It was a lovely ground chicken patty topped with onions, avocado and tomato. A few days later, the news had a report about an outbreak of cases and no one knew what the actual source was. The only thing I could eat for a week were my old friends, pasta and bread. I was able to slowly get back into the routine, but my body still is incapable of handling long stretches of the low carb plan. Continue reading

Introduction Letter

a new blog about health tips for womenHow do you find balance and sanity with all of the health headlines and recommendations?

I am trying to be healthy so that I can enjoy life.  I don’t want being healthy to be my life.

Just one area that that makes want to pull my hair out is “what is a healthy diet”.  Voices surround us shouting: eat raw foods, be vegan, juice fast and don’t use plastics!  Should I feel guilty that I am not vegan?  I say no, but I do a little anyway.  I will eat beef, chicken and eggs but I will make them organic or free range or humanely raised or whatever the proper buzz word is for it.  I will not eat pink slime if I have a choice. Continue reading