Diet Wars

Slim Fast, Medifast, juice fast, Hollywood diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, Meditteranean diet, raw foods, vegan foods, low calorie, low fat, low carb, South Beach, Atkins, carb haters, carb lovers…Ahhhh!

I have tried a few of these and some others. To paraphrase someone else: When there are a lot of options, none of them must be good.

A few years ago I devised my own version of a low carb plan. I did limit some of the vegetables and fruits that ‘they’ warn you against but, really… How many people could honestly declare “if only I had eaten fewer carrots”? The plan did work really well. After a year, I had lost about 30 pounds. Then, I found a new way to sabotage myself: food poisoning. It was a lovely ground chicken patty topped with onions, avocado and tomato. A few days later, the news had a report about an outbreak of cases and no one knew what the actual source was. The only thing I could eat for a week were my old friends, pasta and bread. I was able to slowly get back into the routine, but my body still is incapable of handling long stretches of the low carb plan.

My latest and ongoing adventure involves the HCG diet. I am using the homeopathic drops you can order off of the internet. A few people I knew had tried and liked it, so what the heck. It starts off great! You get to stuff your face for the first 2 days. That allows the drops to get into your system. Then, you are supposed to drop to 500 calories a day. The HCG stuff is supposed to help your body burn its own fat so it is a fat free diet. They even tell you not to use any shampoo, lotion or make-up, because they may contain fat. You can bet that I did NOT follow that rule. Because of my cheating ways I did not lose the expected 1-2 pounds a day. I did lose about a pound every 2 days. They tell you to only do it for like 40 days at a time and then take a long break. I finished my 3rd round a couple of weeks ago. I have lost about 30lbs in 5 months. I will probably do one more round after a cooling off period. I was not really committed to it last time, so it was pretty much a waste.

In my down cycle, I have started to juice. Veggies, fruits, anything in the fridge is in danger of getting thrown down my juicer. To be clear, it is not a fast. Tonight was my first, just for fun, concoction. It had citrus, mango and cucumber poured over ice with fresh mint sprigs and stirred with sugar cane. It was like watching the sunset at the beach, sort of.



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