I’m Not Sensitive!

Every time I hear the word ‘sensitive’ I think of a high school friend that was getting frustrated with a couple of us teasing her about something.  Someone told her “don’t be so sensitive we’re just kidding.”  She yelled back at us, teeth gritting: “I’m not sensitive”.  While that did stop us from teasing her–about what I don’t remember–we all had a laugh at the ironic delivery of her declaration.

I have a few self-diagnosed food sensitivities.  No real allergies or Celiac disease or any of the truly horrible things that many people have to live with.  I was a soy baby but dairy did make it back into my life.  I took lactate pills occasionally in my teen years.  I really did not believe that it was a big deal unless I wanted some cafe con leche (warm milk was always worse) or to binge on pizza.  Recently, I have been using a coconut based creamer in my coffee and have not had a lot of other dairy products simply as a product of my current diet.  I do feel consistently less bloated.  This could also be because I have cut way back on gluten.  I am not gluten free and hope I never have to be.  Just cutting down has been a struggle.  Sub sandwiches taste so wonderful but make me feel off for a few days after.  I have yet to figure out if it is the bread, the filler in the meat or something else.

Back to soy…Several years back, soy products came into fashion.   I thought, oh great, there is something healthy that I can do.  I bought soy milk and soy nuts.  What a wonderful salty treat you can feel good about.  Well, maybe not.  I was writing notes in the office one day and kept muttering, not so under my breath, because I was having to cross out words and correct them.  There was a special education teacher in the room and she asked if my diet had changed right before I started having the problem.  Light bulb! She suggested I stop eating soy for awhile and see what happens.  My faux dyslexia was gone. Who knew?


12 thoughts on “I’m Not Sensitive!

  1. Hmm, who knew! We’re not milk drinkers, but sweet husband likes his cereal with some kind of milk (I do mine with orange juice!) Anyway, we mix it up: alternating soy, almond, and coconut milks. Seems to work pretty well! xoM

  2. That’s interesting to hear. There’s also been suggestion of soy having estrogenic effects, which is not so good for hormonal-sensitive cancers in women, for men, for the environment, etc., though I don’t know if studies have substantuated that correlation conclusively.

  3. Katie, I feel a lot like you i travel along OK but can experience too many days of being slightly ‘off’ and I’m sure its food sensitivites. I turned to soy some time ago and some days words will just not come…you have me wondering. Leanne PS Love the post

      • Thanks and love the comment about socks which in this house is more than a saga….the number of boxes of single socks I’ve had and thrown out and then commenced all over again for the same outcome…it beggars reason….where do they go….the same place as my words no doubt.

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