I Like to Move it, Move it

To be healthy and  feel strong you’ve got to move it…at least a little.

I love to exercise.  That is, when I have a lot of time and energy.  So, not very often.  I almost always like it, even on the bad days.  One thing I must have is variety.  I get way to bored doing the same thing everyday.  Here is a countdown of some exercises on my radar.  I am always looking for new ideas.

What do you do to move it?

10.  Run:  I may run to the car in the rain, but nope, not even a little for workouts.  (knee & hip pain)

9.  Swim:  Would love to, however, it is way too inconvenient right now so my laziness will never make it to a pool.

8.  Bike:  Used to love it.  After a hip injury, it hurt too much.  There may be hope for this one in the future.

7. Pilates dvd:  Liked it for about a month.  I ended up adapting almost every exercise on it to avoid pain.

6. Parkour:  I used to free run all the time…..Ya right.

5. Tae Bo:  Used to love it, may try again soon.  He uses a lot single leg stance moves that bother my hip….sounding older every minute.

4.  Gym:  There is a low cost gym only a mile from my house.  No classes or  frills but it has more than what I need for a good work out.

3.  Elliptical: I use it the gym and I have one at home.  It is the only exercise equipment that I have never hung clothes on and I have had it for 8 years.

2. Walk:  Better outside than on a treadmill.  I listen to a book or my playlist.  My neighbors must think I’m cracked when I start grooving to the tunes.

1. Zumba!  The DVD’s not the class.  The world is not ready to see me Salsa.  I do adapt some of the moves to avoid high knee impact or shoulder strain.  This is one of the best ways to move all parts of your body.  It is fun and goes by fast.


17 thoughts on “I Like to Move it, Move it

  1. This is great! I am known to get bored from workouts too…I try HIIT workouts that have combinations of cardio and muscle work (I pick and choose what works for me that day) to keep me interested. They’re short workouts that don’t really have time for boredom.

    I’m totally with you about the swimming. Love it, but it’s such a procedure (speaking as a woman with x-long hair!)


    • Totally agreed. Keeping it short most of the time also helps me make time for it. It is a lot easier to commit to something between 30-60 minutes. Even a good 15 minutes of cardio is enough to keep me consistent and feeling good during busy weeks.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I like to switch it up too. I have a bunch of scrap paper i have made different work outs on. A bunch of chicken scratches. I will go through a handful and take bits and pieces from different ones and make a new one for a different interval/circuit training.

  3. I agree with the variety !! I like to take different classes at the gym to keep my whole body worked out 🙂 and stay focused !

    Thanks for checking out my blogg ! I enjoyed what I’ve seen on yours 🙂 I look forward to reading more !

    • It is great. I am still happy with my DVD set but I am thinking about looking for a more advanced one for my high energy days that do not lead to the gym.
      If you find something that works for you at home, let me know. I am always looking for workout spice 🙂

  4. I don’t like getting down on the floor or getting out of breath, so yoga and jogging are not on my radar screen. As a New Yorker, I’m definitely a walker. And I hula. Not hula hoop, but real-honest-to-goodness Hawai’ian hula! 😉

  5. Love the video, song and your list! Especially #2…..”Walk: Better outside than on a treadmill. I listen to a book or my playlist. My neighbors must think I’m cracked when I start grooving to the tunes.”

    Lots of people must think I am cracked too! hahaha I am with you on varity. A must in my world. Thanks for sharing.

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