18 thoughts on “Sugar

  1. Pretty much anything not eaten in moderation can be a toxin. Water can even kill you if you drink copious amounts in a short period of time. I do agree that sugar has a lot to do with the current health crises but I think it’s more due to our society’s lack of ability to delay gratification than it is due to sugar itself. It always worries me when articles like these come out because it sometimes scares people away from natural sources (like cane sugar and honey) to unnatural sources (like sucrose and aspartame). Some studies have shown that artificial sugars are even less healthy than real sugar and this article doesn’t address that, unfortunately. There have been studies that have shown that artificial sweeteners can increase obesity because it increases appetite. http://www.live-in-green.com/features/diet_soda.html

    • Great points. I was wondering why high fructose corn syrup was being placed in the same category as honey or even agave syrup. I have a good friend who, unintentionally, poisoned herself with water when she gave up diet soda. I guess finding balance in all things should be stressed more.
      Thank you so much for taking time to share your perspective.

  2. Since trying to eat healthy. I have been conscious of the sugar I am eating. I never add it to my foods. My biggest problem are jelly beans. I love jelly beans and they seem to be everywhere this time of year.

    • It must seem like they are haunting you. Ugh. Good Luck, only a little while longer until summer treats push out the the colorful Spring beans.

  3. Katie, thank you for ‘liking’ my recent post, and for this post. I’m always in two minds about sugar – on the one hand it clearly doesn’t have a lot going for it in terms of nutritional value, yet it is a constituent of many recipes that are used to celebrate life’e wonderful events and to welcome friends and guests to your home – and in that sense it can be nourishing. In small doses. And combined with other things. And substituted by alternatives like agave (not the artificial stuff)…see, i told you I was in two minds!

    • I am afraid that I am split as well. After working out and juicing this morning, I stopped for a red velvet cupcake on the way to my local organic produce shop. I suppose it is balancing the scales. In practice, I consider occasional sugary treats okay as long as they stay occasional, and I keep simple carbs to a very small amount of my diet.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

      • There was a piece on the news tonight that basically trashed everything except honey and Stevia. As I look into it more, I guess I will stick with a ‘less is more’ approach to all sweeteners.

      • Hi Katie, here is what a doctor friend of mine told me:

        If you want to use a sweetener occasionally, this is what I recommend:
        1. Use the herb stevia.
        2. Use organic cane sugar in moderation.
        3. Use organic raw honey in moderation.
        4. Avoid ALL artificial sweeteners, which can damage your health even more quickly than fructose.
        5. Avoid agave syrup since it is a highly processed sap that is almost all fructose. Your blood sugar will spike just as it would if you were consuming regular sugar. Agave’s meteoric rise in popularity is due to a great marketing campaign, but any health benefits present in the original agave plant are processed out.
        6. Avoid so-called energy drinks and sports drinks because they are loaded with sugar, sodium and chemical additives. Rehydrating with pure, fresh water is a better choice.

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