Excuse Me While I Take a Nap

  A few years ago I literally fell asleep standing up.  After laughing at myself and saying a prayer of thanks for not falling over or having a co-worker catch me, I thought maybe it’s time to go to a doctor.  I have had 2 thyroid ultrasounds, a CT scan, and with one more blood test, I get one for free.  And the winner is…..nope, nothing, fit as a fiddle.  My sugar is 80, my cholesterol is 145.  My vitamin D is a little low but an over-the-counter supplement is all I need.

After watching countless commercials for energy products and searching through an aisle in the drug store that is devoted to boosting energy, I decided that there must be a lot of tired people out there.  I stopped looking for the problem and started looking for what would help me.  Sleep is the most important part of my routine.  Well, duh.  Seems obvious, but it takes more commitment that you would think to get 8 hours of sleep.  Myself and everyone around me, pays for my indiscretion if I have less than 7.  I take naps at lunch when I have a chance.  Coffee is one of my dearest friends.  I had not been much of a coffee drinker, so at first I gave up caffeine.  I thought that it might be swinging me into highs and lows.  Quitting, for those few months, did even out the ups and downs but all I was left with were the downs.  Energy drinks and I do not get along well.  The Red Bull type of drinks do not do anything for me unless working out.  It works so well that I over do it and injure myself.  Half of one of those little 6 hour bottles gives me palpitations.

Juicing helps.  That’s fruits and veggies guys, really.  Working out helps but only when the work outs are light to moderate.  Heavy workouts help but only after spending the rest of that day on the couch.  My most important recharge requirement:  Spending at least one day couch surfing with some light household chores, to prevent bed sores.  If I am busy all weekend, the next week becomes more about survival than self-actualization.

Any other ideas?

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8 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Take a Nap

  1. ME TOO> Especially upon reaching menopausal age. Hormones, it seems, though blood tests are all good. Cannot sleep at night longer than three hours, NEED a nap in the afternoons. I’m with ya. What’s with that???

  2. I agree that juicing would be helpful with energizing but so is exercise. You may feel tired directly after but the thought is that building endurance and muscle will help you expend less energy doing daily tasks. I try to do some interval training (couch to 5k) three times a week and just walk or strength train the other 4 days. Eating more whole foods is beneficial as well. No packaged foods, no caffeine, low refined sugar. More whole fruits and veggies (from the produce section, not from the can). I just cut caffeine out of my diet and found that I don’t feel near as tired throughout the day.

    I am taking a BioPsychology course and discovered that we really don’t need 8 hours of sleep a day. There have been studies done on sleep deprivation but it’s difficult to tell whether the negative effects recorded could be correlated with the actual sleep deprivation or to the stress caused by preventing the participants from sleeping. Leonardo da Vinci used to nap for 15 minutes every 4 hours (that’s 1.5 hours of sleep per day) and he was very productive. There have also been studies that replicate Leonardo da Vinci’s sleep habits and the participants displayed no deficits on performance tests. There was a large-scale study in the U.S. and Japan that followed 104,010 people over 10 years to try and find any correlates between sleep habits and adverse health. The study showed that the people who slept between 5 and 7 hours a night showed less mortality and adverse health than those who slept less than 4 hours a night or more than 8 hours a night.

    Just some information I thought I would share. 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply and the good info. I may try cutting out caffeine again. Even though it did not help me to feel better when I tried it before, it does seem to affect my water retention. That is interesting information on sleep. The studies that I have seen before seem to indicate that people gain weight when they do not get enough sleep. I can relate to some of the findings because I am certainly more tempted to eat poorly or too much when I am tired.

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