Keeping It Light

This is just a little indulgence to have some fun on a holiday. Please join the fun and add your own.

10 Signs Your Addicted to Blogging:

10)  You’re getting less  sleep because you have to check your blog just one last time.

9)  You stop in the middle of a walk to take a picture to share with your new e-friends.

8)  You start looking for comment and like buttons at the bottom of every web page.

7)  You have a foot high stack of junk mail to sort through because you would rather be blogging.

6)  Several times a day you think to yourself: “That would make a good post.”  I think this is a quote from Philip Roth: “Nothing truly bad can happen to a writer.  It’s all material.”

5)  You almost lose a finger building an invention.  Because you can’t turn off creativity.  OK, it wasn’t that bad but there was blood 🙂  And, yes, you stop to take a picture of it.

4)  You write a post about blogging.

3)  A big motivation for keeping true to your health plan, is knowing that you may have to confess online if you slack off.

2)  You check your email 20x more a day than you used to looking for comments or blogs you are following.

1)  Your stats page page has more hits than the Beatles.


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