What the Driver’s Ed Teacher Forgot to Tell Us

I was people (or car) watching on a 4 hour drive this afternoon.  I was not in a hurry so quirky drivers served as my entertainment. Here is some of the advise I would have given to my fellow road warriors today:  Tailgating me does not make the car in front of me go any faster.   Just because you have a big, fancy car does not mean that the fast lane belongs to you alone.  Take a lesson from the hot guy in the convertible, if you must be on the phone, you still have to pay attention to the cars around you.  When you drive into a rainstorm/fog bank/sun glare do NOT slam on your brakes.  While I am sure that everyone behind you appreciates you checking out how well their brakes work, it’s not really the right place for a safety check.  If you are reading a map while driving, chances are, you do not need to be in the fast lane.

What tips do you have for your fellow travelers?

Before you pass on the last rest area because you are sure that you can make it one more hour, consider this:

If you see someone taking a picture while you are stuck in traffic, don’t worry, she is just using it for a blog.

If you are ever crazy enough to take pictures from your car, make sure that you are stopped in a jam or that no one is within a mile of you on a long, straight road.  Also, don’t actually try to line up a shot.  Just point, shoot, pray and Photoshop.  Safe driving my friends!

6 thoughts on “What the Driver’s Ed Teacher Forgot to Tell Us

  1. Tailgating drives me nuts. I’m not going to break the law and risk getting a ticket because the guy behind me didn’t leave home in time or feels the need or speed. Get off my bumper!

  2. Your post made me laugh! I don’t have to drive in the traffic much, but since we live outside of the Twin Cities I do have to be in it once in awhile – and your post explains how I feel exactly! I loved your pictures!

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