A little Less Guilt in Your Coffee

There are plenty of reasons people say that you should not drink coffee at all.  It is addictive.  It can increase anxiety and stress hormones.  It creates an artificial high that leads into a crash.  It stains our teeth.  It can negatively affect blood sugar levels.

Knowing all of that, I still love my joe.  It does have antioxidants.  It can increase alertness and metabolism, perhaps only short term, but it works.  It can help headaches and dilates airways.  Maybe that is why it is found in medications.  There are studies that found that it may help to prevent some illnesses, such as cancer and type II diabetes.  As I described in a previous post, I am usually tired.  Even with coffee, I sometimes have to use tools that I learned playing sports to jazz myself up to be productive.  Instead doing sprints at the end of practice, I am finishing up paperwork.

The easiest way to make your coffee more healthy is to not add sugar, real or artificial.  There are no guilt free Frappuccinos or Coolattas.  Although a small Coolatta with milk is 170 calories and a tall Frappucino has 190, they are both brimming with sugar.  I suppose the ideal thing would be to drink it black.  Not enough fun for me there, so I add coconut creamer.  It tastes great, is dairy free and has medium chain triglycerides. 

I used so many links in this post, because there have been many headlines and controversies over just how unhealthy or healthy coffee may be for us.  The inspiration for this post came from my new love of coconut creamer and a website that my mom sent after I told her about my new love.


23 thoughts on “A little Less Guilt in Your Coffee

  1. Can’t beat a fresh, strong coffee in the morning – I pretty much keep to one these days, or two maybe if I’m somewhere it’s really good – but I find most places give you a vat of liquid – I love the meditteranean approach – small, strong coffee to do it’s thing and a bottle of water on the side to quench your thirst. Thank for ‘liking’ my post, btw 🙂

  2. I am learning to like coffee…it beats diet mountain dew. The biggest issue I see in my clinic is that caffeine overdone can lead to heart palpitations and atrial fibrillation, especially as we age. All things in moderation I guess…

  3. I consider coffee “non-negotiable” in the morning! I don’t drink more than 3-4 cups per day…but, hey, it’s my only vice! I do like the So Delicious creamers too, but you still have to watch out for the list of chemicals. Sometimes, it’s better to just go with regular half-and-half. Bottoms up….

    • I looked up the words I could barely pronounce on the side of my non-dairy creamer. Controversial, apparently. some sites list them as carcinogens and other sites list them as inert. Something to think about! Thanks for raising my awareness. I am trying to stay away from dairy products, but it seems as most of the stand ins have issues beyond food sensitivity.

  4. Cannot live without my coffee, love that there are good things about it and I actually used to use it in combination with migraine meds to get releif and it was amazing how it worked to reduce the headaches…no need for that anymore as no more migraines. Thanks Leanne

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