I Laugh at Funerals

My thinking can be very socially inappropriate at times.  Usually filters will stop the most egregious thoughts from reaching my tongue.  But, well…if you are ever at a wake service and the priest starts to use the name of someone in the room and not the dearly departed, try not to smile.  I guess part of my attitude comes from my theory that funerals are for the living, not the dead.  My filters still need some work.

Life can be absurd so learn to laugh at it.

I plan for the future but live in the moment.  I prefer to visit and talk with people I love and enjoy being around while they are alive.  If they are sick I will show them support and “be there” for them.  I have met so many wonderful and interesting people.  Some I knew for 5 minutes while standing in line.  Some I have known for years.  I try to enjoy while I can and savor the memories over time.

I have an uncle that once started laughing out loud and when everyone looked at him he simply stated, “I told myself a joke.”  I loved that and so I became the funniest person I know.  This post started as a seed in my mind as I was walking to my car from the grocery store and started giggling.  My cart looked like I was coming out of a home improvement store with a big plant.  Part of my personal mission statement is to make a stranger smile and so if laughing out loud at myself does that, well, mission accomplished.  So I end my ramblings for the day wondering: how many of you laugh out loud at yourself in public?


19 thoughts on “I Laugh at Funerals

    • Thanks. (From your post) I remember when we would make up a huge batch of bran muffin mix to last the week and of course smothered them with margarine.

  1. And now I’m reminded of one of my favorite “Mary Tyler Moore” episodes.
    I do it occasionally, but my daughter does the laughing to herself thing all the time. I’ll always ask her what’s so funny and she’ll tell me she was remembering something we saw or did, or a conversation or joke. It’s awesome.

  2. Nice post Katie! I like your style. I laugh at myself outloud in public too. It makes life fun! I love your comment about the five minute friends too; I think I’ve had thousands! ( :

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    • Next time I am walking through a store I think I will just start laughing and then I can laugh at myself for laughing for no reason.

  4. I talk to myself..smile at myself for example when I’m searching for where I parked in a busy mall and can’t find my car…but can’t honestly say I’ve laughed out loud..I must try it sometime ..it sounds like fun!….Diane

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