Prepare for Nutrition

Watch out! Katie is in the kitchen.  My cooking style seems to have landed somewhere between dorm room cuisine and Food Network fan.  To eat well during the week, I need to cook on the weekend.  Today’s preparations were inspired by fellow bloggers and Dr. Oz.

I spiced up some chicken (thank you Celtichippie for the spice inspiration) with smoked paprika, roasted ginger, and used grinders for sea salt with garlic and peppercorn medley.  I cooked them in aluminum foil pockets to avoid using oils.  I tend to cook the daylight out of chicken and this method keeps it moist.  I will, most likely, add the chicken to salads during the week for lunch.

My second preparation of the day was cinnamon covered apple slices.  I think I saw this on Dr. Oz last Monday and I had been on the look out for spice ideas thanks to God’s Healing Plants‘ great information about cinnamon.  I cleaned and sliced an apple, added a light coat of lemon, and then poured on the cinnamon.  The cinnamon is a little heavy in the photo but spice how you like.  I am hoping the lemon will make it last through two days.  Not likely, but I can hope.

6 thoughts on “Prepare for Nutrition

  1. Hum…. I just happened to buy some apples today- think I’m going to bust out the cinnamon!

    And thanks for the shout out!

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