Versatile Blogger and Photos

Thanks so very much to Shelby at  She has been so very kind as to nominate this site for the Versatile Blogger Award.  She is on a terrific journey to shed 100lbs and shares so many wonderful things about her journey beyond the exercise and food.  Her recent post about the RPE scale altered my perspective on some of my own health adventures.

Versatile Blogger AwardThere are some rules with this and I will try to not color too far outside of the lines.
Random stuff about me:
  1. My second toe is the same length as my mom’s pinky finger.  Yes, we actually checked.
  2. I played several different team sports.   None of them involved water, ice or snow.  I really do not know why.
  3. I use a Breville juicer.
  4. I love candles, but almost never burn them.
  5. I love dogs, but do not have one.
  6. I love the water, but hardly ever go to the beach or pool.
  7. I prefer block colors to patterns.

Blogs I enjoy and recommend:

  1. My Drafting Table:   This writer and artist invites his readers to discuss ideas he is mulling over as topics for poetry or stories.  Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always an enjoyable ride.
  2. Stopping the Wind:  Chronicling the inward and outward journey to improve herself including finances and fitness.  She is off planting this week!
  3.  Some of the most beautiful and inspiring thoughts and photos.
  4. Good Eats: Eating real food with great pictures, trying to find the path to health and a fellow juicer.
  5. information and inspiration to be a healthy you.
  6. Random adventures, thoughts and venting when it’s called for.
  7. Recipes and running, and more than I can do justice here.
  8. The Odd and Unmentionable:  Real life, real health, random stuff to make you laugh or make you think
  9. Real woman on a journey for health and a full life.
  10. farming and life and a little more.
  11. The 100lb Project:; A Man With a Plan.
  12. finding balance and a little humor in all things.
  13.; From weight loss, to politics, to trivia
  14.  Good information on nutrition and benefits of different natural foods.
  15. The Sacred and the Profane; spiritual inspiration through pop culture:

Check out all the topics.  I am never disappointed (even though I miss the old format).
I enjoy way too many blogs to be able to list them all here.

Instead of my usual post, I am updating my Relaxation Gallery photos.  I hope you enjoy!


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