Cloud Gallery

Ever since I was a child, clouds and the the sky in general have fascinated me.  Sometimes the colors of the canvas are just so brilliant and awe inspiring.  Sometimes the shapes and dimensions project a story across the sky.  They may conjure feelings of hope or fear.  Each moment in life happens but once.  Each sky portrait is to be seen but once.

As I was organizing some photos, I noticed that I had many photos of clouds.  Therefore, I thought they deserved their own page.  A new gallery was formed.  If you enjoy clouds, take a peek and I hope you enjoy.  All of the photos in this first batch were taken from my neighborhood.


13 thoughts on “Cloud Gallery

  1. Lying down on the ground and staring up at the clouds has many a times reminded me that this world is so beautiful and bigger than my small issues. Thanks for the reminder to look up again.

  2. Love it! Sometimes my daughter an I will cloud watch. It taps their imagination and it gives us the opportunity to spend time together away from TV, Video Games, Computer,etc..

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