Have I Seen You Here Before?

The day I stopped going to bars:

From allisimpson.com; click picture for post on pick up lines.

After doing the ‘pretend I’m looking for a friend’ walk, through three other establishments, I landed at a place determined to get a good drink, if not a flirtatious moment.  While sipping on my iced down vodka tonic, enjoying a warm breeze on the patio, a fellow approaches.  “Hey can I talk to you? Oh wait, I need another drink…just a second.”   After taking two steps towards the bar, he turns on his heel…maybe he will ask about my drink.   “I have to go to the bathroom and then get my drink.” He slurs:  “Don’t go anywhere, will ya?”  Of course I did not leave, until he was out of site and I had downed the last swallow of my drink.

I volunteer, go to the gym, go to the store, etc.  The only flirting at the gym was from a guy that I kept staring at because he was sitting on the only machine I needed to use before completing my workout.  I am not sure I really want to worry about flirting when I am gett’n my workout on anyway.

Online dating has positives and negatives about it.  I have friends that met the person they married online.  I have friends that have met only creepers.  I have not met anyone.  Maybe I am so good at screening out creepers that a few innocents get caught in the editing.  Maybe the ‘scientific’ profiles are randomly pulled out of a hat by a monkey?  I am now trying a new site.  As I scroll through several of the potential suitor’s profiles I read: great guy (check), not a serial killer (check),  is interested in age ranges 18-28.  What!! Really!! Come on, your 40 years old man.

Now that I think back on it, when I was in college, I was asked out by more 40-50 year old men than any other age group.

Maybe I am just too happy where I am to try hard enough to make someone else notice.  Whatever, take me as I am because it’s too much work to be someone else.

At least I’ve never been called out by my credit card company for being on eHarmony.  Check out this post for a good dating laugh:


8 thoughts on “Have I Seen You Here Before?

  1. I think it must be harder these days to meet that special someone. My son did meet someone online that he is very happy with..but he also met some that were not suitable..the trouble is with words online you can’t see the emotion or inflections that go with the words…I would think especially with your experience ‘bars’ at least aren’t the best way to meet them…..I hope you find that ‘one’ ….however it happens…just some thoughts Diane

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I suppose it’s like finding people anywhere….just 20 at a time instead of one at a time. Because you cannot read body language it is more challenging to figure them out.

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