Pasta Makes Me High

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After attending a lunch meeting, I return to the office to finish out the day.  My co-workers are both amused and bewildered by my-over-the-top energy that afternoon.  I had succombed to the temptation presented by wafts of garlic and basil at the lunch.  A small bit of pasta with some chicken made it on to my salad plate.  Was I high because I usually eat a smaller lunch?  Because the meeting went well?  I once, jokingly, was banned from eating carrot cake at one of the offices I worked.  After an office birthday party, I spent the afternoon bouncing off of the walls.  I do not always respond like that to carbs.  Sometimes nothing happens.  Sometimes I crash after.  One evening, I was having trouble sleeping and thought to experiment on myself.  I went to the corner store and purchased one of those over processed, sugar infused fat, coated with icing, honey buns.  It worked perfectly.   I was asleep 15 minutes later.

Do I have metabolic syndrome?  According to the Mayo clinic’s website, nope.

Am I crazy?  Well, maybe.  There is some controversy on the effect sugars can have on people.  From ADHD to schizophrenia, sugar can, or maybe not, affect moods and disorders.

For the moment, I will just chalk it up to:  body chemistry and how it responds to different stimuli is both beyond my complete understanding and above my pay grade.  I will continue this grand experiment called life and observe the results.

Does anyone else get high on pasta?  Any idea why?

20 thoughts on “Pasta Makes Me High

  1. I wish carbs did that do me! Protein does though! When I’m eating HIGH protein I get this weird euphoric feeling sometimes 🙂

    • I wish protein did that for me! The first time I tried a low carb/high protein plan, I did have one evening of running stairs in my apartment building to burn off the high. I figured that it must have been the change from my anemic, Ramen noodle, college diet.

  2. Sugar high? Damn straight. My husband falls asleep after too many carbs, but I can get almost the same level of energy as a caffeine splurge. Depressed people often start munching on carbs as a form of self-medication because they can (at least in the short term) replace some of the chemicals they need. From WebMD (

    “Researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that carb cravers who have a mildly depressed mood seem to be self-medicating. They studied women who were overweight and had a history of carb cravings. They gave them a choice between a protein-rich beverage or a carb-rich one. They found that when the women reported being in the worst moods, they picked the carb beverage more often than the protein one. In addition, the carb drink improved their mood better.”

    Watch a toddler after grandma has given them candy all day and you’ll have no doubt that it creates all kinds of short-term energy. As for protein, it’s the slow burn. You could say eating carbs prepares you for a sprint, and protein prepares you for a marathon.

    • And yes, as you noted, there is some controversy about exactly what sugar does to the metabolism. I think that the thing researchers tend to overlook is that human biochemistry is highly idiosyncratic. A pharmacist in our family told me that it is the eventual goal to be able to customize drugs for people based on their individual needs. Probably won’t happen until after I’m long gone, but you never know.

  3. Katie’s a pasta junkie! Katie’s a pasta junkie! How’s that for a mature response? I think I/we can get high on life, substances, exercise, love, etc. Many different things, with such complex combinations/interactions. Hey, if it’s legal and doesn’t bring adverse effects, bring on the pasta!!! ( :

    • I have been cutting back back but it is hard. I never tied the getting high with gluten. I did have a headache the next 2 days. There is a previous post describing some of the changes I have tried with soy, dairy and gluten. Reading, now, it looks like Celiac can cause the dairy issue. Guess I will be asking for a test next time I go to the MD.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

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