Compromising Doormat

Loving to Compromise:

Way back in physics class, the professor explained that there are 2 major theories of light behavior:  a) traveling particles and b) traveling waves.  I went home that night and devised my own theory:  particles that travel in waves.

I Like Doormats:

At my first job  interview, post graduation, I was given the results of a personality test that all applicants had to take.  “You tend to be a doormat, but we can help with that.”  What is so wrong with being accommodating, welcoming, and keeping other people from dragging a muddy mess around the world?

I try to see issues from all  angles and absorb the various perspectives into my thought process.  I have opinions on most things, but my mind remains open to new input that may alter my stance.  There are topics for which there is no compromise.  They are still topics worth discussion and debate.  If my counterpart’s position and rationale is ” I’m right, you’re stupid, end of story”, then there is no fun debate, no intellectual philosophizing, and no chance to grow and learn.  There is value in discussing things that we may never agree on.  Leave your hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty at home, this doormat will not entertain that.


5 thoughts on “Compromising Doormat

  1. I like discussion, too. For me, it is not about convincing anyone that my point of view is the correct one, it is about attempting to understand what we may have in common as a point of departure for our individual expression. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the discussion. 8). Listening to different view points should expand our understanding of others and the world. Too often, I have seen one or several parties in a discussion become defensive and combative as if they are being threatened by the very presence of an opposing idea.

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