Fuzzy Vision

I am bracing myself for the dreaded “bifocal moment”.  In college I was given a pair of reading glasses that I used maybe 5 times.  After almost falling out of a chair when I looked up at a roommate, they were chucked in a drawer.

Someone was telling me about how great lasik surgery had been for her.  I asked her if she could read a blurry note posted across the room.  She was more accurate than I, but could not decipher it completely.  I remarked, maybe I should have lasik.  A gentleman 3 feet behind us seemed just a little to happy to add, “Maybe you should, I can read it fine.”  Apparently, I have backed my way into the dreaded 40 year old bifocal curse a couple of years early.  I will procrastinate the appointment of doom a couple of weeks under the excuse that my eyes have been really dry lately and that could unfairly sway the jury.

One way to have fun at your next eye exam:

I came by this honestly enough and did not realize what I was doing.  Still a good time.  Okay Miss Dawn please cover your left eye and read line 7.  <long pause after my performance> Um, now try the other eye.  Before I even finished, the young man standing beside me declares: “Oh! you read from right to left with your right eye and left to right with your left eye.”  It blew his mind but I can only think that I am an unusually efficient reader.


9 thoughts on “Fuzzy Vision

  1. Katie, check out “Take Off Your Glasses And See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight” by Jacob Liberman, O.D., PhD. I don’t know if it’s still in print, my copy is almost 20 years old. You might find it interesting! All the best, M

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