Listening to the Universe

I sometimes pray for even just a small whisper to tell me that I am on the right path.  I feel like the universe just yelled at me.  I have a vacation week approaching.  Last weekend, someone recommended that I take a trip to the Smokey Mountain National Park.  It sounded perfect.  Fresh air and hiking, but not too rugged.  Three times I hit <purchase ticket> and three times the transaction failed for one reason or another.  Well, okay then…there are other places to go hiking.  I began research for areas in Maine and Vermont.  My eyes began to glaze over so I left the finalization till today.

I had been on the internet most of the morning without incident.  Five minutes into narrowing down my selection, the smoke alarm gave out a long chirp.  The power went out.  My laptop, happy with its battery appeared fine.  However, the router had lost power so the internet had left me.  I think I will be staying close to home.

A great joke about listening and recognizing signs.  The man at his house during a great flood.

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23 thoughts on “Listening to the Universe

    • I was reading after I posted to check things and as I was reading the words “purchase ticket”, the power went off again. 8) Coincidence, maybe, but I have already started to make plans closer to home.

  1. I pray for signs too, and lately I pray that I will be able to understand the signs. I am afraid I will get it wrong. What if instead of telling you not do go, the Universe is testing your perseverance? Great post – great food for thought!

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