Two Women and a Rock

The Evidence:

Bent Scissors

The Rock

Broken Glass

This was the carnage I witnessed one morning in the work parking lot.

The evening before, I had gone back into the office needing to check on an urgent matter.  A rattatattat at the door….Two ladies, one younger than the other, stood at the door in near beach wear.  They apologized for interrupting my day and explained how they were locked out of their car and wondered if I had anything that would help them pry open a window.  The one day I forgot my crowbar at home….It was my turn to apologize, but I agreed to take a look and see if I would be inspired.  They were from a town 2 hours away and the phone had long lost its life.  I offered advice of AAA or a tow truck/locksmith type of call.  They did use my phone.  As if calling from jail, the first person was unreachable and the second uncaring.  The younger one was then inspired and asked for a pair of scissors.  I dutifully retrieved the scissors and she started prying away and was able to get her finger tips over the top of the window.  Youngster then began cajoling the glass to release.  Situation under control, I returned to my office.  I made myself busy to extend my stay in the event they should wish to use the phone again.  After fifteen minutes, I gave up and headed out.  Waving goodbye, I wished them luck and the older of the two glanced at the car and then sent a half desperate look my way.  She, the only to realize that the last phone was leaving.

The long commute home allowed for too much time to consider the situation and to feel guilty about not calling a locksmith or something.  I wanted to stop and tell someone but then I listened to the voice in my head and decided telling someone may make it worse.  Telling a stranger that 2 other strangers, women, were stranded in a parking lot by themselves, did not seem to be the safest route.  What would I do if in the situation: a) call AAA, b) call family, c) go back to the office I just left and ask for help.  Was it even their car?  Why were they 2 hours from home at a random office building?  in very casual wear?

The next morning, I found the evidence of resolution.


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