Hat Trick

How wonderful!!!  I have been nominated for 3 awards.
Thank you to the lovely How to Online Date for the nomination for One Lovely Blogger Award.
Muchas Gracias to News of the Times for the nomination for the Illuminating Blogger Award.
Merci beaucoup to The Healthy Warrior for the nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
They all have their own rules, so I will morph them to my design.  I encourage you to visit those three sites.  You will laugh, cry, laugh until you cry, and gain new perspective on news of the time, online dating, and being healthy.
Various stuff about yours truly:
One day, three years into college, I was working out and my knee started to hurt.  It occurred to me that I could, simply, stop the workout.  Until that year, all of my workouts had been motivated by competition, blowing whistles, and stop watches.  No one was going to yell at me if I stopped in the middle of a workout.  It was a very strange feeling.
I prefer sunrise to sunset.
I have only played hockey on roller skates and only once at that.  I still love the term hat trick.
Blogs to check out:
As I have not been to get my eyes checked yet, I will totally go outside the rules here.  As my eye starts to twitch, looking up and linking all of my favorite blogs would get ugly.  So….
1)  Please check out some of those that have left comments or liked posts that you find interesting.
If you have left a comment or liked a post here, or if I have left a comment or liked something on your site, please feel free to collect a nomination and, perhaps, do it the proper justice.  I only “like” stuff I like 8).
2)  Please use a crazy search term to find a new blog and spread the love. (ex: vacuum fuzzy ceiling found song meanings ;  purple action marscapone found  Cajun Chef Ryan).  If you find a great one, please share!

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