Responsibility Can be a Four Letter Word

I am running late for work.  I rush out into the garage, throw my stuff in the car, and look up.

Ooooo.  I just have to get a picture of that.  I can use my phone.  No, this calls for a real camera.  But I am running late!  I run back in the house, snap a picture from the garage, and run the camera back into the house.  The drive to work was exquisite torture.  The drive takes me east, so I had a gorgeous view of the sunrise.  Two things kept me from stopping and taking photos.  1) I took my camera back in the house.  2) I was late for work.

Responsibility can lend purpose and meaning to life.  It can also hold you back from adventure.  Mortgage, kids, dogs, jobs– all wonderful additions to life and are to be treasured for the blessing that they are.  But there are some days that I wish I could chase the sun.

A high school teacher once told us in class, “You don’t have to do anything.  You just have to accept the consequences.”

Afterthoughts:  I do not have kids or dogs.  I don’t know how all those amazing people out there manage to balance all of that.


26 thoughts on “Responsibility Can be a Four Letter Word

  1. I like that quote too. Makes us realize responsibility is with us and that we really don’t HAVE to perform or do anything we don’t want to as long as we are responsible for ourselves.

    • High school was a perfect time to hear it as well. That time in life when we are growing beyond just our parents’ rules and punishments. Going against the rules or norms can be the right thing to do in some situations but we just have to be ready for the consequences, good and bad.

  2. Wow! Nice photo! Sunrises and sunsets are some of the most powerful forces that shake me out of race mode and into WOW mode. I used to dream of a home surrounded by vineyards. Now my dream is more like your post, whereby my schedule is flexible to follow the calls of amazement, beauty and love. But now I have to race off to work! ( :

    • The race always seems to be there. I thought I knew the course going into the day until I discovered our mew doors at work are no match for Forest Gump rain. Oh, and a computer died in the office so we had to have a ceremony 8). My little version of a ropes course. It was kind of fun in an exhausting way.
      “May the sun be always at your back”…unless your watching it rise or set.

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  4. I love that quote from your teacher. When people have told me I had to do such and such, I have replied “I do not HAVE to Do anything.” I left the second part unsaid because I didn’t know it as a quote. Good one.

  5. Hi Katie, what a lovely photo. I have felt your pain many times, like most of us have. And the quote is so right on. Never thought of it like that before. Thanks for stopping by and following. I’m now following your blog, too.

  6. Truly a beautiful photo and so glad you didn’t miss the opportunity. Thanks for sharing the moment. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and for the like. Hope to see you again.

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