Chasing the Sun

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I grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk tonight.  My legs had a nice hill workout and my arms were lifting weights.  As the sun was setting I felt like I was chasing the sun around the neighborhood.  Hurricane clouds are so very cool.  There are layers of clouds all moving at different speeds and sometimes different directions.  I tried to take a video with my phone, but the speed of the lower clouds was still hard to appreciate.

My PSA for the week:  It is always good to be prepared.  Hurricane, flood, blizzard, earthquake, 2012, nuclear disaster…there are reasons to always have a few days supply of water, food and flashlights.  Do not forget a plan for your family in case something happens when you are scattered out doing various activities (ex: work, school).


6 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun

    • You could build an ark 8). Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
      Seriously, that is a good idea. You may also want a contact person that lives in another area that you and people you know can call to give status updates to and maybe even store copies of documents like insurance policies and ID cards.

      • You are right of course. It would be good to be prepared with a few days of food and water for emergencies. Since I live in Florida, I’ll take it a step further and make that be a few weeks supply instead of a few days.

        • A few weeks would be much better. The more rural you are, the more you should probably expand that. I suppose if you live in a mandatory evac zone, the planning gets even more complicated.

      • We do have a fireproof lock box that has important papers in it. If I had to, I’d take my animals and the lock box and maybe a few of my quilts, if I could get them. With Tsunamis, there’s time, as they know it’s coming. I am in a fire area, though, even though we get 70″ of rain per year… August and September are very dry.
        I sold my horse trailer, as it was just rusting away, so maybe this is a good wakeup call for me, to make sure I can transport them, or I’ll be walking them down the streets of Crescent City, to higher or safer ground…

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