Adding to Juice

  Adding anything from a package to nice, fresh juice seems odd.  I have found three things that I occasionally use to give juice an extra kick or just to have something a little different.

Chia Seeds:  Vegan and gluten free, they add fiber, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, and other vitamins and minerals.  They may also help in weight loss.

Wheat Grass:  alkaline, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, gluten free and vegan.

Pure Green Protein:  Packed with protein “with the amino acid ratio of human muscle.”  Great for mornings that I feel bad about not having a protein for breakfast or for using the mixed berry flavor to mask an unfortunate juice mix.

Do you have any favorites?

Rocks in the Melting Pot

The danger of being an idealist is that you will have your heart broken. Everyone, including myself, falls short of the ideal on many occasion. When people seem to intentionally choose a less than ideal path, it can take the air out of me.

We live in a grand melting pot of different cultures, ideas, religions, and lifestyles. It seems as though people have been throwing rocks into the melting pot to try to keep us separated and from uniting to form a wonderful mix. I can make of juice out of foods I do not like: kale, pears, beets, parsley, chard and lemon. A wonderful symphony of nutrition and taste appear in my glass. So it is with ideas. No one person always has the best answer. We need to draw on the knowledge and experience of one another to create the the ideal symphony.

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Compromising Doormat

Loving to Compromise:

Way back in physics class, the professor explained that there are 2 major theories of light behavior:  a) traveling particles and b) traveling waves.  I went home that night and devised my own theory:  particles that travel in waves.

I Like Doormats:

At my first job  interview, post graduation, I was given the results of a personality test that all applicants had to take.  “You tend to be a doormat, but we can help with that.”  What is so wrong with being accommodating, welcoming, and keeping other people from dragging a muddy mess around the world?

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Permission to Take a Nap

This award is for everyone who is always trying:

trying to please others

trying to eat right

trying to exercise

trying to be the best _____ they can be  (mother, father, brother, sister, friend, pet owner, employee, boss, neighbor, citizen, blogger)

trying to find balance

Hello Sunshine

I would like to thank Everlasting Love of Flowers for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  Because of her love for flowers, I thought the best way to show my appreciation is with a flower.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Human
Favorite number: 33
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Mocha Coolatta
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
My Passion: Varied
Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving
Favorite pattern: Blocks
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
Favorite Flower: Live

Here are some sites that you may enjoy, I do!.  There are many more than this but I had to edit down to 10.

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Pasta Makes Me High

photo found:

After attending a lunch meeting, I return to the office to finish out the day.  My co-workers are both amused and bewildered by my-over-the-top energy that afternoon.  I had succombed to the temptation presented by wafts of garlic and basil at the lunch.  A small bit of pasta with some chicken made it on to my salad plate.  Was I high because I usually eat a smaller lunch?  Because the meeting went well?  I once, jokingly, was banned from eating carrot cake at one of the offices I worked.  After an office birthday party, I spent the afternoon bouncing off of the walls.  I do not always respond like that to carbs.  Sometimes nothing happens.  Sometimes I crash after.  One evening, I was having trouble sleeping and thought to experiment on myself.  I went to the corner store and purchased one of those over processed, sugar infused fat, coated with icing, honey buns.  It worked perfectly.   I was asleep 15 minutes later.

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