My Favorite Grocery Stop

I am so lucky to have a great shop near me with organic produce and so much more.  I have alluded to it in the past but, as requested, here is the rest of the story (Paul Harvey’s voice here).

Sustain Natural Market has been open for a couple of years. There was a coffee shop there previously and they tried to use as much of the material as possible in building out their space.  Sustain is not just a name, it is their way.  One of the most impressive features of this store is that the products and their sources are researched.  If you are ever there, feel free to ask about a product and they will tell you with pride where it comes from.

I started shopping here shortly after I started juicing.  It is a relatively small shop, compared to the mega stores, and it shows in all the good ways.  There is always at least one person nearby to offer help and answer questions.  I must talk to at least three people each time I visit.  I do experiment and try other products but I go because of the produce.  This photo was from back in April and, I believe, everything in the picture was from this store.  When I venture away from the fresh produce, they have plenty of gluten and dairy free products to choose from.  (I won’t mention the items not on my diet 8).  Just to round out the description, they also have a nice selection of oils, supplements, teas, coffees, and many other items.  They have bakery products from a local shop.

I hope everyone can find a place near them like this!  I started going here because the drive is a little easier than the drives to the the big chain stores.  I continue to go because of the quality products and superb staff.

Even if you cannot make it to their shop in central Florida, here is their FB link.

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Grocery Stop

    • I have really enjoyed having one. I feel better, both physically and mentally–about my nutrition decisions. It also seems to have opened my world to trying fruits, vegetables and roots, that I would have never tried. You may want to look into cold press vs centrifuge vs emulsifier. I am still torn about which I should have gotten but the centrifuge type is what I have.
      Here is one link:
      Good Luck!

  1. I am lucky because there are currently 2 places like that which is not at all far nrom me. They are in different directions. Depending on which direction I happen to be going, will determine which one I will go to.

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