Stuffapalooza 2012

The not so annual event resulted in 3 giant trash bags and sore hamstrings.  Three bags is actually a light load.  My last ‘get rid of stuff and organize’ marathon extended over 3 weekends and resulted in 15 bags for donation or trash.

What I found in stuffapalooza 2012:

  1. Vaccination records
  2. My office floor
  3. Spare fire box key
  4. Calorie guide from my insurance company:  A brownie has 140 calories, A piece of carrot cake has 530, no wonder it makes me high 8)
  5. Camera Manual
  6. My dining table
  7. The love bug invasion was more extensive than previously thought.
  8. A lot of paperwork that I do not need.
  9. The best way to take sheets off of a bed is to lay down and rest first.

I declare it a success!  It is so nice to walk around and see things in their place.  Ahhhhh.

Image found here.

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