42 thoughts on “Music for Your Soul

  1. This was beautiful and moving, Katie. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can talk my hula sisters into doing a flash mob here…it would be such fun! And thanks for that image, too! lol

  2. Love this! Flash mobs happen in NYC, but peoples usually start dancing. I’ve never seen one take place, though I think I once caught the opening of one. I was running to an internship, so I couldn’t hang around to see if their was a point to the group of guys moving their arms in a synchronized fashion.

    • I would be so torn if one broke out but I was on my way somewhere. I wonder if the boss would buy, “sorry I got caught in a flash mob?”

  3. Maybe I am late to the party too because i hadn’t seen it. I am glad I put it on full screen, I could see the joy in their faces and felt it and yes it moved me to tears. This is a great thing humans are doing. That really raises our human experience. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. What a joy! I was playing this and my husband came to listen, bringing two friends who were returning a bike, and soon we had our own mini-flash mob of appreciative listeners.
    Thank you!

  5. Katie, you have just made my day…a favourite piece of music and the way the flash mob worked and the cruscendo of the whole performance and the audience snippets(the child up the lamp post)….THANKYOU THANKYOU.Now I’m late to work cos Ive watched it three times. I’m thinking of re-blogging this but I don’t know how that works so I’ll look into tonite when home from work…oops off to work
    . Big Hug to you.

  6. OMG… how wonderful was that… for a few cents in a hat… to have “Ode to Joy” played almost by a whole orchestra in the streets… that could unite the world… what a wonderful share, just made my day.. thank you… and also for starting to follow my blog… I return the favour with great joy….

  7. Wonderful post.Thank you for liking my post (thanksgiving).Blessings and respect,jalal

  8. Just found this today! The uninhibited joy that children show when exposed to music just makes me teary-eyed. Why does that change? Next time I hear music I will dance (and they will probably commit me!)

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