Silver and Gold

song I learned in the Brownies (mini Girl Scouts) was:

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

My old friend met one of my new friends this weekend.  They seemed to take to each other.  She would ask about him and he would serenade her.

Fred hangs out on my window to watch the sunrise.  He likes to sing to me, especially when it rains.

He waits by the door until I come home from my walks.

A pretty good fella.  I hope he sticks around for awhile, but fear he was born a rambling man.

Just an aside from this weekend:  This, hardly even a light beer drinking gal, likes Guinness.

New friends, new beers, whatever it is, keep growing and learning!

There are new additions to my cloud and relaxation galleries, including a picture of Lizzy, one of Fred’s friends that lives next door.


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