Try Not to Blink

Sitting on the green shag carpet, I would watch my father go back and forth from the makeshift dark room to the sink.  When I peaked inside the room, I saw magic liquid in small plastic bins.  I knew the liquid was magic because it came from special, shiny silver containers.  All I saw was water, but dad knew how to harness the magic to make paper turn into pictures.

I had my first photography lesson today.  It was two hours of fabulous information that almost made me feel silly for not having taken a class sooner.  My instructor was fantastic.  Two hours of teaching and I knew that it was just a scratch off the tip of the iceberg of her knowledge.  There is a lot of practice in my future to really integrate what she taught me.  Click here if you are interested in visiting their blog.  There are links to their other sites on the home page.  Thanks Susan! And thanks big brother for the gift!

After the lesson, I headed over to get my eyes checked.  This office still uses that lovely puff of air.  It is hard to keep your head in position, much less not blink.  The verdict:  I could get a pair of glasses to help correct the small deficits.  She suggested that I use them when I feel the fatigue and soreness coming on.  An overuse injury for my eyes!  I am reading the book suggested by the lovely Margarita on my Fuzzy Vision post: “Take Off Your Glasses And See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight” by Jacob Liberman, O.D., PhD.  I am only a few pages in but it already looks to be very interesting.  Hopefully I will not need my bifocals for long!  The doctor was nice enough not to call them bifocals.  She just gently let me know that I could use some correction for near and far.

Guess the aperture:


12 thoughts on “Try Not to Blink

  1. I’ve been wearing my reading glasses more lately and have noticed the difference. It’s time to use them less! Thanks for the mention – I hope the book goes on to be helpful to others as well. Exciting about your photography class! 🙂 xoM

      • What I’m noticing is that when I wear my reading glasses longer, my field of vision seems constricted. Not just that it’s harder to read without them, it also feels like I’ve got one of those elastic bands around my sight that’s just too tight. Tomorrow, I’ll start trying to put off wearing the glasses longer and see how that works. And my reading glasses are just a mild magnification, mind you. I just have to be more mindful about my use of them!

    • Close. It was 13.
      I am going back today to pick them out. I will ask about the transition lenses. I started to look at frames after the exam but started laughing at myself because the aperture was set way too high.

  2. I am going to invest in my first photography class too. Glad to hear it felt so helpful! I am also going to get my first real camera – an investment, but an investment in my creativity/balance! BTW – listen to the eye guy – if they say only wear the glasses when your eyes are tired, do that. I wore mine all the time from the start after they told me that and I regret it because now I am dependent on them I can’t even think without my glasses!

    • Great advice. I just picked out my frames and the guy must have told me 3x that I was going to be dependent on them soon. 😦 I told him no, I was reading a book about how not to be but needed the glasses to get through the book. He laughed and told me to also take C, E, and lutein at night. Holy cow, glasses are expensive!

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