Tennis Ball Uses

I love tennis balls and I do not play tennis.  My favorite use for them is to use them for massage.  I can rub my foot over them to help with plantar fasciitis or just for fun.  I also place one on the muscles between the spine and shoulder blade and lean against a wall.Then, doing mini-squats rolls out the muscle.  For more intense pressure on the back, I place 2 in a sock and lay down on them.  The gap in the middle keeps pressure off the spine while the muscles on either side relax into the pressure.  Racquetballs can also work.  Golf balls are okay for the foot massage.

Other uses for tennis balls:

Do you have any tennis ball secrets?

Oh, you can use them to play tennis!


33 thoughts on “Tennis Ball Uses

  1. Wow, Katie, these are great suggestions. I think I have to go get a can of tennis balls! Also, for plantar fasciitis, this is what I did; I use YL essential oils. Every morning, I gently massaged a couple of drops of R.C. and a couple of drops of Lemongrass, separately, on my feet, and I put a drop of each in my shoes. I repeated the Lemongrass as needed during the day. That was about 7 years ago…no more troubles. If you want more info on this, e-mail me at xoxoM

  2. Tennis balls are the new fetching tool. With two dogs, they get lots of exercise. Thanks for following my blog. I will keep taking peeks at your writings as well. Best regards.

  3. Hi Katie. Cut an X in four balls and push your table,chair, zimmer frame legs into the balls, Stops scratches on the floor.Another hang one on a piece of string in the garage. When the windscreen touches, you are parked just right. Take care. Ralph

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