My New Doormen

I have a new security force.  These motion sensor frogs welcome guests as they enter.  I was looking for something for work.  All of the products seemed overpriced and required drilling.  Then, I came across these little guys.  The talking frogs can be a little annoying and only work when the light is on.  I guess I may actually have to use my alarm system if I want an alert at night.

A year ago, there was a prankster that liked to knock on my bedroom window in the middle of the night.

 I would be asleep, so my groggy brain took awhile to figure out what was going on.  Was it a branch? an animal? If the knocking happened during the right dream, I would fly out of bed, ready for a fight.  My solution?  Installing a motion activated light on the back porch and placing a motion activated camera in the window.  The light must have scared him away because I never got a picture.  Awww, camera shy?

14 thoughts on “My New Doormen

  1. These are cute but be careful to knock on your window is rather brazen. Glad the light worked but that’s rather creepy to wake up to someone tapping on your bedroom window. Definitely was up to no good. Oh and yes please use your alarm system. Nowhere is safe nowadays.

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