The Fast Crash

So, full results disclosure of my recent experiments…

Fatigue is not a new experience, but this is driving me loco.  After the adventurous workouts, it took a few days of riding the couch to get my energy back.  Since I broke the fast, I have been so very tired.  My energy was fine during the workouts and juicing.  A health hangover?  Today I made it to after lunch before I crashed.  A definite improvement over the weekend, when doing laundry was a reason to lay down.  I did have a juice this morning and will have one tonight, if I can find the energy to make it.

Just tired of being tired.  I am sure I will get over it soon enough.   My body is slowly finding homeostasis.  A happy flower, after the rain….


25 thoughts on “The Fast Crash

  1. Yea, gotta be careful with the fasting and working out. Sometimes I need to remind myself that fasting and exercise are STRESSORS to the body, albeit healthy ones. =)

  2. I think the fatigue is your body’s way of telling you to stop! If you work out lots without feeding yourself, it will not be a good thing. A lack of protien intake will prompt your body to take the protien from your own muscle tissue. the less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be and this will make weight loss more difficult in the future. Be careful! Take care and good luck!

    • Oh, I have stopped! What I thought was funny was that the fatigue did not start until I stopped. I am pretty much back to my base line low energy and the misery fatigue is gone. Thanks for your comment. I will make it shorter if I do it again.

        • Interesting. I was focused on water while I was fasting because of the detox and diuretic effects of some of the stuff I was juicing. I dropped off a bit the first day I quit. Maybe I had to play catch up for that day.

  3. Oh, fasting’s tough (especially when there are other things to be done!) I do love me some good green juice, though…sometimes drinking a wee bit of salt water helps me – it was a tip given to me by someone who (like me) suffered from some severe headaches during their detox/fast, and who was advised that perhaps her body had lost too much salt in the process. Just a thought 🙂

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