New Work Out Video

Are you tired of fighting of fighting for machines at the gym?

Is it too hot to go outside?

Do you think a hurricane is an excuse to not workout?

Well think again!

This amazing new workout will keep you groov’n and move’n. For a limited time we are offering this workout for free. That’s right, free to to the first round of motivated clients that are ready to change their lives forever.

Just take a look at the innovated moves the creators of this program have included in their all new, comprehensive, body shaping, revolutionary workout The Tush99X:

Trash Can Curls

Vacuum Lunges

Dusting Down Dog

Toothbrush V-Step

Car Clean Tai Chi

Counter Top Salsa

Shower Scrub Kickboxing

Dish Clean Heel Lift

Ceiling Fan Salutation

Brazilian Breathing

START TODAY for your 30 day free trial! WordPress operators are standing by!

For the dogs.


12 thoughts on “New Work Out Video

  1. Hilarious, my personal favourite…shower scrub kickboxing….could be dangerous with all that glass. Mind you I thought my pilates class was safe until a woman fell face first this morning onto a round metal hold for the pilates ball. She split her chin open poor darling….and then apologized cos the class ended right there of course. Mind you we all told her that we were very happy to miss that last five minutes…had enough!!!! It was one way of getting out of exercise.

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