Political Rally

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was just over 2 miles away from a friend’s house tonight.  I could not resist checking out the scene.  With no ticket to the dance, I left as storm clouds approached.

Warning Political Images Ahead


The Crowds Gather

News Trucks Congregate

Gotta Have Some Food

Big Bird came!!

These are all of the cars we passed on our way out.  Most of the locals came from another direction.

Special thanks to my friend who agreed to drop me off but got stuck there with me for an hour. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Political Rally

  1. I was at a conference yesterday afternoon in the same city where Obama visited, and in the same area of town. I was praying his huge entourage would be gone by the time I left, or else I’d never get home. Luckily, it did, but traffic was still a bear. 🙂

    • They are interesting to go to. I almost went to one earlier in the year when the First Lady was near, but the process for getting tickets and the time needed to show up early just made it impractical for my schedule. One thing about living in Florida, you will have the opportunity. 8)

  2. I haven’t been to any political rallies – I’m not sure I could handle what they have to say more than anything else – but did catch the anniversary celebrations of reunification in Bremen, Germany a while back. The German President and Chancellor were both there but without a great entourage of vehicles, well protected and separated from the crowds. None of the sleeves-rolled-up electioneering that we know at home!

    • Rallies are more about the show than the speeches for me. It sounds like the one you witnessed was a great show. Thanks so much for visiting and the comment!

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