The Smokers’ Bench

She wore a delicately cute outfit, what there was of it. Sitting coolly, smoking one last cigarette before her flight, she stared out at the dark void of the early morning. Her perfume wafting to passerbys lending to the sensory barrage of sounds, smells and activity of the security zone. Bleached hair and an unnaturally even tan, revealed her older than her long legs and shoulders spilling from her halter jumpsuit would have implied.

A middle aged man with the requisite dark hair with grey highlights sits at the other end of the bench. The hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail stretches out only to be caught against the bench. The beard, trying to compete with hair, rests on a grey T that falls to faded jeans.

Replacing the woman off to her flight, a young man moves athletically to his perch. He is fresh as the morning with a new maroon hat and a crisp, barely yellow shirt.

Everyone has a story. What are their hopes? Their fears? We are all different but the same.

Try being especially thoughtful to that rude stranger who seems to hate you for no reason. It is likely not all about you.

Don’t meet attitude with ego. Offer it a light.

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16 thoughts on “The Smokers’ Bench

  1. “Try being especially thoughtful to that rude stranger who seems to hate you for no reason. It is likely not all about you.”—That’s so true. Quite likely the source of their attitude has nothing to do with us. They could be having a really crappy day or worse.

  2. Love this post, it’s so good to be reminded that when a person is unjustly aggravated towards you, remember it’s not about you and we don’t know their story and why they may be so aggressive. Thanks heaps

  3. When I was a kid, back before all of the security restrictions we have at the airports now, my mom and I used to take outings to the airport just to eat a snack and “people watch”. To this day I still love people watching…so much so that I think I creep people out. 😛

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