Cold Prevention

It’s that time of year!  The leaves are changing.  The weather is beautiful.  People are sneezing and getting sinus infections.  Fa la la la la…

Colds are around the corner.  

Tips come in lists.  So, here is my list:

  1. Wash your hands often.  For at least 20 seconds.  Try singing happy birthday to time yourself.
  2. Clean door and refrigerator handles at home.
  3. Do NOT share towels.
  4. Clean everything at work.  Phones, handles, keyboards, pens…everything!  Cleaning wipes or disinfectants can be used on non-porous surfaces.  Lysol type sprays can be used on fabrics.
  5. Stay away from sick people!  Be rude.  They should understand and if they do not, they are rude.
  6. Use a humidifier.  I use this if I have been exposed to sick people, if there has been a drastic change in weather, or I feel congested.  I cannot stand the dripping noise while sleeping but that is the best time to use it.  Solution:  Two hours before bedtime turn on a humidifier in the bedroom/master bath and shut the door that leads out to the house.
  7. Sleep!  This is no time to skimp.  When you are rundown, it is much easier to succumb to the nasty viruses lurking around.
  8. Stay hydrated.  This helps your body to stay regulated.  This tip and above picture at this site.
  9. Supplements I take more consistently when around people with colds:  Vitamin D, C, B and Echinacea.
  10. On standby in case I get sick:  Allicin and Broccomax.   Their effectiveness is controversial at best and I have yet to try either of them.

This my personal cold prevention regimen.  Please add your own tips and tricks!


28 thoughts on “Cold Prevention

  1. This is the time of year when I make sure I carry my essential oils with me. Instead of the synthetic antibacterials, a little drop of lavender oil does the job and smells much nicer!

  2. You’re preachin to the choir with me but I wish I could get my kids to be more careful with some of these. They keep bringing home bugs from school and I know it’s only going to get worse with winter.

    • Schools are tough for prevention. So many people coming together and as you mentioned, kids are not always the most careful.
      Good luck through the winter!

  3. This is just in time. Working with children myself, I ave seen so many of them getting sick even earlier this year.

  4. Hi Katie. Nice list and we all should try to do our best, especially if we have litle ones. My poor grandson was sick for almost 2 weeks with a bad cold. His mom couldn’t send him to his nursery school so I had to take care of him during that time. It is very hard taking care of a sick and crying 2 year old all day. They came by today and thankfully he is back to being his happy and noisey self again.

    • So glad he is back and chipper. Hopefully, you have recovered as well. I would almost rather be sick than to see a little guy suffering. And then there is the care taker’s exhaustion as well.

  5. I am totally rude to sick people and have no shame! It aggravates me when people come in sick to work, and then get everyone else sick! Because I have a tendency to get bronchitis or pneumonia from even getting a cold, I avoid people like the plague when they are sick.

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