Letter to Our Leaders

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

We are tired.   We are tired of the games and are desperate for you to behave like leaders.  We implore you to put away your personal and party agendas and follow a higher calling.  It is time to sit and work out solutions to this wonderful country’s problems.  No candidate fits all of our views so we have to compromise when we vote.  It is time for you to do the same.

We do NOT care whose ideas are used.  We do NOT care if you take ideas from everyone.  We care for progress and NOT witty little sound bites on talk shows.  We want you to stop being so myopic, arrogant and self-serving.

We care about this country.  We care about our families.

We are tired and dizzy from your spin, your half truths, and all out lies.  Try spreading the WHOLE truth and demand that the news covers the whole story.

Your games are causing insecurity in your constituents and instability in business and the world. 

You have been behaving like incompetent children.  The stakes are too high.  That is why we beseech you to draw on your collective knowledge and experience and sit at the same table and not get up until the business is done.

We believe in this country and its people.  We believe that we can overcome and triumph over any challenge.  That “we” includes YOU.  You can do this if you choose to.

So with a desperate gasp, we plead with one voice, “Just get it done already!”

To My Fellow Citizens,

We are in this together.

Together, we can build a strong future and a stronger nation.

We have the duty to call out politicians who behave badly, and to call out broadcasters who try to rile us up against one another for the sake of ratings.

Let us stop listening to them and start listening to each other.

We are one of the smartest, hardest working, and  most productive citizenry in the world.  Let us rely on each other and not the barking marketeers that make money on reminding us of and exaggerating our differences.

My 95 year old grandmother said to me yesterday, ” Whatever happened to our basic trust and decency?”

The wisdom of her years burns in my ears.  We owe ourselves better!

So, together, let us be decent to one another.  Let us trust one another.  Let us be deserving of that trust.

Together, nothing can stop us!

Addendum: Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

16 thoughts on “Letter to Our Leaders

  1. I totally agree. The people who are going to save this country are the PEOPLE of this country. We have to stop being sheep. We need to start stepping up again and become individuals of our own power and authority to enact the changes WE want to see. =)

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