Experimenting With Food Sensitivity

I decided to experiment on myself.  I did not randomize, have a control group, and it was not a blind study.  The results were still conclusive.

I have discussed my hypothesis on personal food sensitivities in the past.  Hypothesis in hand, I embarked on a testing method termed avoidance and provocative.

My avoidance period was not pure, but I had severely cut back on dairy, gluten and soy.  I began to, occasionally, eat sandwiches (a gasp from the crowd).  Not much of a reaction.  Some bread products do seem to cause a limited bloat reaction.  However, it also seems that what accompanies the sandwich makes a difference.  Poor quality processed meats (more filler and salt) trigger more bloat.  Gluten conclusion:    low, not daily, levels are acceptable to my system.  Better to be more cautious about the salt, sugar, and man made foods that can accompany gluten meals. Bloat

Dairy has been a known offender, pretty much since birth.  I have found enough dairy substitutes that I am pretty much over it completely. Thank you coconut milk creamer and ice cream!  Thank you almond and flax milk!  However, I have read that, sometimes, it is the pasteurized dairy products that cause people issues.  Something about enzymes being killed off during the pasteurizing process.  The dairy experiment involved raw cheddar cheese and gluten free bread.  The first sandwich tasted so good I had another later that day.  Results: five pound bloat in under 24 hours that lasted a week.  It may have lasted longer but I took a 3 day high dose of green juice starting on day 6.  Dairy conclusion: no, nope, never, stop it, just don’t do it, not cooked, not raw, not…well, I will finish the double dark chocolate gelato in the fridge.

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17 thoughts on “Experimenting With Food Sensitivity

  1. There are dairy free, gluten free pizzas in the health food stores and it is not taste free. Although it doesn’t taste like real pizza. Sorry!

  2. You’ll have to get a new camera, Katie, as the latest photo of you does not do you justice 😉 I wish you well in you Great Experiment. Hugs. (Ouch !! Spikes !) Ralph x

  3. It could have been the combination of the grain and the dairy that caused the problem. They require different enzymes to digest so are best not eaten at the same meal. Also cheese is harder to digest than raw fermented dairy like raw yoghurt or kefir. You could be OK with that or even raw milk.
    Just some thoughts….. What were the ingredients of the gluten free bread? Some have stuff that I wouldn’t class as food.

    • Never thought of that! I am just starting to learn about enzymes. Thanks!!!
      The bread is made at a local place. I don’t really remember what was in it, but I did recognize the ingredients. 8)

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