NRS Kicker Remix Water Shoe

Kicker Remix

I had to figure a way to stand up paddleboard (SUP) in cold weather.  My feet were my biggest worry.  They get cold with socks on in the house.  I needed to find something to wear in the water.  At , I found a few different things that I could try.  I decided on NRS Kicker Remix Wetshoe Water Shoes – Men’s.

I followed their sizing guide and was mindful of the comments on the page.  So I ordered a size 10 in mens though I wear a 10.5 in womens.  It was a good thing because the pair that arrived was the perfect size.  My foot is apparently too monstrous for the women’s version.

They did a great job at keeping my feet warm during the entire SUP session.  The traction worked well on the board and the instep strap added a little bit of support and kept them snug.  My right foot did have some discomfort in the shoe.  Adjusting the strap did help but a few of my toes (only on the right foot) became sore by the end of the paddle.  It was not bad and better than the numbness I usually get after 90 minutes of paddling. (I received NO payment or product relating to this review)

So, overall, I consider the shoe a great help.

Bottom line:

Positive:  warm feet, no numbness, and good traction

Negative:  some discomfort in a couple of toes on one foot only, holds water

Neutral:  a different feel from barefoot paddleboarding, walking around in them was a little clunky but that is not why I got them.

Now a gallery from my Lake SUP this morning

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18 thoughts on “NRS Kicker Remix Water Shoe

  1. Lovely photos, Katie! I’m wondering if the discomfort in the one foot has to do more with the alignment of your body than with the fit of the shoes. If you get regular chiropractic treatments, it would be interesting to observe what your experience is SUPing immediately afterward, and if you still experience that discomfort in your right foot…just wondering! xoxoM

    • Very likely the user, not the shoe. I have a functional leg length discrepancy with differing arch heights and SI’s to match. Not to mention, my form is probably not the best, since I have really just started.
      That would be an interesting experiment to get an adjustment first. One of the chiro’s in town paddles. Maybe I can catch her!
      Thanks for the suggestion! Dead on it! 🙂

        • Will do! I am working on balancing my hip flexors and hamstrings at the moment. I fear any adjustment done now would be quickly nullified by my muscle mayhem. In the meantime I am doing some self adjustment techniques. They help but do not last very long.

          • Chiro adjustments take over time, as the ill-trained muscles adjust to holding the skeletal frame in the correct position. All the adjustments need time to re-train the body. You didn’t get the way you are overnight, you won’t change overnight either! 😉 xoxoM

  2. love the pics…and REI rocks! glad you found some footwear to keep you warm and comfortable, Katie. I never would have thought to order a men’s size, but makes total sense… good luck as you become an expert 😉

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