Joint Pain in the Bedroom


Maybe once a year, a brave patient and/or their partner asks about sex in relation to their injury.  There is a lot of fear around this subject.  Will I hurt myself?  Will I hurt my partner?  Will I ever be able to enjoy it again?  Will my healthcare practitioner think I am a freak if I ask about it?  While you may not want to make it your first question, everyone should feel comfortable bringing up any quality of life concerns.

As with any issue in the bedroom, communication with your partner is very important.  What they don’t know could hurt both of you.  If you avoid intimacy because you fear pain, your partner may think that there is something wrong with them or your relationship.  If s/he knows that you have an injury, they may be afraid of doing anything that may cause you pain.

If you have an injury or have had surgery, it is important to check with your doctor to make sure that you have recovered enough for sex to be safe.  For example:  after hip replacements, there will likely be several weeks afterwards that you should avoid certain positions (in the bedroom or not) to avoid dislocating the new hip.

Creativity can help restore and maintain this area of your relationship.  Many people find sitting in a chair helpful for some back injuries.  Laying on your side has been reported as helpful for some hip injuries.  Strategic pillow placement can help to take pressure of some areas.  For example:  a small pillow under the back can be helpful.

Prevention and preparation:  A warm shower or bath and some easy stretches before hand can make things easier.  Icing the injuring and resting afterwards can help prevent soreness.  A little pain may be okay but being with your partner should not create a significant increase in pain.  Know when to stop or try something different!

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