Identity Theft Warning

Please double check the email that your put on your accounts!  Also, beware if you stop receiving emails for your account.

A friend started receiving emails about movie rentals.  She emailed the company stating that the email must be wrong because she never opened an account.  They responded by saying that it must be identity fraud and to call law enforcement, and to call them with any questions.

She called and declined to answer questions about her own personal information in case it was a phishing scam.  The company then declined to give her any information and advised her to call her financial institution.

She called her credit card company and no charges were present.  She then checked for a free look at her credit information.  It checked out.

The next step was to click on the account link on one of the emails from the company.  She entered her email and then clicked “forgot my password”.  They sent her a link to create a new password and then had access to “her” account.  She tried to delete her email and made sure the last 4 of the credit card were not hers.

She had total access to the account!!!

Then, she noticed an email from the company stating that, per her request, the account is inactive and she is to return all of the disks by a certain date or she will be charged.

The poor unsuspecting person who really belongs to the account won’t know what happened until she stops getting disks.  I suppose she should just be glad that (hopefully) the only problem she will incur from entering the wrong email address is some inconvenience.

How scary is it that an account can be taken over so easily??????

Off to change the email on all my accounts now……stay safe, stay secure my friends.


10 thoughts on “Identity Theft Warning

  1. Whenever I receive an e-mail from a questionable source, I google them in a different window to see who they are. I never click on any e-mail links…you never know! Good reminder, Katie! 😉

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