Weekend Relief

I had been feeling off all week.  Really off by Thursday and Friday.  (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cookies.)  Saturday morning I knew I had to get back to nature.  All I felt like doing was laying on my board and floating about, but even if that was all I did, I thought it would help me feel better.

The morning was really foggy and fit my state of mind.  When I pushed off from shore, I felt my joints argue with the decision.  Joints that normally do not bother me were sending off pain signals.  Luckily, the joints that usually hurt, were quiet.

As the fog lifted, I too felt lifted.  Still not ready for perky, but my shoulders are relaxed and I will sleep great!

Oh, and this is my 102nd post.  Thank you for visiting and commenting and just making the blogosphere a great community to be a part of!!!

Enjoy the ride…

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