Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks with Fleece Lining

Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks with Fleece Lining

So I am a little obsessed with my feet and their comfort.  I already tried some water shoes to keep my feet warm while on the water.  They did well and added some arch support but they were a little bulky for a barefoot sport and held water in the shoe.

So, I tried some neoprene with fleece lining socks.  They felt like I was wearing socks and the traction on the board was good. They are not as warm as a water shoe but they provide a better feel for the board.


  • Comfort
  • Good feel for the board
  • Does not hold water
  • Light


  • If used alone, not warm enough for really cold conditions.
  • No arch or structural support for the foot—but it’s a sock–no surprise

I bought a large from REI for my size 10.5  feet.  I believe that is a size larger than their sizing guide but I like a little extra room.  This is my first winter with SUP and want my feet to stay warm and add a little cushion.  The socks worked well.  My feet stayed warm but it may have been an issue if it were really cold.  It was about 50 degrees when I started out.  It gives a much better feel for the board than Kicker Remix water shoe I tried first and the socks do not hold water.  My toes did get the numbness that they usually get when barefoot but did not get with the shoes.  I do have some arch and foot issues, so no big surprise.  I certainly will keep using them but will keep looking for something with a little support for longer paddles.  I will be using the Remix shoes for colder days and when I want a little more foot support.

Happy Paddling!

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43 thoughts on “Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks with Fleece Lining

  1. How about wearing two pairs of these socks, Katie? Get a size smaller to wear closer to the foot and give a little support, and the larger over that. Just a thought…xoxoM

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