Dryer Sheet Uses

Hands down, my favorite use for dryer sheets is cleaning bugs off the car.  Normal soap and sponge scrubbing does not begin to eliminate the layers of dried bug juice that accumulate during certain times of the year.  A little water and a dryer sheet acts like a magic eraser.  It usually takes several sheets to clean the bumper and you should wash the area after to get rid of any residue.

Other uses include:

  1. Deodorizer for locker, closet, shoes, or gym bag
  2. Dusting cloth 
  3. Cleaning bath tubs and shower doors.  (test a small area first to maker sure it is safe for the surface)
  4. Static Buster on clothes, records, and other items 
  5. Can use loosely over vents as an air freshener
  6. Iron Cleaner
  7. Lint/hair brush for clothes and furniture
  8. Bug repellent – rubbed on or in your pocket
  9. Pot and pan scrubber
  10. Run a needle through a dryer sheet before threading to keep the thread from tangling
  11. You can still put in the dryer 8)

Do you know any other uses for our friend, the dryer sheet?

Thanks for the inspiration Ralph.

38 thoughts on “Dryer Sheet Uses

  1. Well to add to #9….If you burn a pot or pan badly….put water in it and throw in a fabric softener sheet overnight and the blackened on food will clean so much easier…I did it recently after we cooked a ham and it happened…Diane

  2. Wow very interesting idea. I only used them for the dryer and air fresheners. Who knew they had so many great uses. We have love bugs twice a year and the acid from the bugs kill the paint on your car. This is very helpful, thanks and Happy New Year!

  3. When I put clean sheets on the bed in the guest room, I always tuck dryer sheets between the blankets, etc. to keep things smelling fresh and clean for the next guest that might not be there for a week or two. The secret is to remember to take out the dryer sheets and fluff the pillows before they arrive.

  4. This stuff is amazing – especially the bumper-bug remover. Dried bug guts are like cement. I’m going now to scatter dryer sheets all over my son’s room now. (It always smells like the inside of a shoe.)

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