A Juicer and a Blender walked into a Bar…

I addition to all of the wonderful and tasty treats I had through the holiday season, a new blender made its way home with me.  With new toy in hand, I have been re-inspired about my juicing and smoothie operation.  So I thought I would share a few of my concoctions from my juice site just to update and maybe even inspire.

This Morning’s Smoothie:

 I put some frozen mixed berries in the blender and used the chop ice function. Then I added 1 1/2 cups of unsweetened almond milk. It was still too thick, so I poured in 1/2 cup of coconut water. A scoop of berry flavored veg protein mix finished it off. It made 2 glasses. According to the app I am using, each glass is about 169 calories.

Blending frozen berries for the protein smoothieThen the Almond Milk to the berry chipsVegetarian Protein Smoothie

Juices from the past week:

Juice one:  The base juice: kale, rainbow chard, garlic, scallions, amazing pink grapefruit, tomato, parsley, and ginger.  This made about 3 big glasses.  One I had plain, one I had with chia seeds and one with a little hot sauce.  I used the same add-ins with the next juice.

Kale based juice

Juice two:  carrots, bok choy, lemon, scallion, pear, and apple (ran out of kale)

Vinegar soaked carrotsJuicing with carrots

Do you juice?  Do you have a favorite mix?  Do you think juicers are nuts?


29 thoughts on “A Juicer and a Blender walked into a Bar…

  1. A Juicer and a Blender walked into a Bar…The Juicer said “I’ve got a crush on you” and the Blender replied, ” I just love your liquidise ! ” 🙄

  2. I do have a juicer and you’re reminding me I should be using it more often. I like to throw in whatever I have on hand. My husband and daughter, however, are much fussier, resulting in paralysis on my part. I think I’ll just juice what I like and if they like it great, if not, at least I’m taking care of myself! 😉 xoxoM

  3. That sounds and looks so good! I’ve been a bit stuck on banana-milk-PB2-chocolate protein powder shakes. But I LOVE berry smoothies too. So far, I’ve taken my veggies unblended. I don’t understand emulsifier vs. juicer vs. blender entirely, though I did a little research. Intuitively, keeping the fiber seems right. Do you wish to educate me? 🙂

    • I don’t have the bananas, but the PB2 and coco are calling.
      I have read the arguments for both sides of juicer-emulsifier quandary. I am still torn. Right now I am saving some of the pulp for a soup (freezer). This blender is powerful enough to try using for a juice, so I may run a test. Sorry no clear answers. ):

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