Puppy Bowl IX

I caught this show on the Animal Planet several years ago and look forward to it every Super Bowl Sunday.  It started as a low budget and funny way to fill time during the Super Bowl, but has turned into quite a production.  Kittens perform at half time.

Embedding has been disabled but you can check old game films on YouTube.


21 thoughts on “Puppy Bowl IX

  1. Yes, we watch this at our house! I am a relatively sane person who prefers this to the real thing. Funny thing….this year my one cat was mesmerized with the half-time kitty show. I have never seen her do that before. It was great fun and my favorite got the MVP award!

  2. I love Puppy Bowl. I have watched it every year since they started it. It is awesome to see how each year it get better and better. I am also a big fan of the half time kitty show.

  3. So much fun. I went to YouTube to see it and ended up also watching the Hall of Fame puppy bowl video. And they don’t need to wear little team jerseys, either. How could we choose which team to cheer for?

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