Gun Safety

Can we all agree that keeping a loaded gun on the truck floor with our dog is NOT gun safety?

A Florida man was shot in the leg this week when his dog kicked a loaded gun that was sitting on the floor of his truck.

Apparently, he thought it was an unloaded 38 and not a loaded 9mm.  How did that get there?

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10 thoughts on “Gun Safety

  1. Crazy that people take the risk and don’t even know it. I’d never have a loaded gun in the car with a dog or a child

  2. One of the horrifying things about stories like this is that the gun owners purportedly have owned, and used, guns for a long time. So why don’t they know better? xoxoM

    • If you get so comfortable around guns that you start doing stuff like that, then maybe it is time to lock the guns in the cabinet for awhile.

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