Introverts and Energy

My idea of a fun Friday night. 8)

I was driving to a conference this weekend and listening to Growing Bolder on the radio.

The guest being interviewed was Sophia Dembling.  She has written a new book entitled, The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World It was a very interesting interview and there was one particular topic that really stood out for me.

She stated that extroverts not only crave social interaction but are also energized by it.  Introverts may like social interaction but are drained by it.  Introverts will need some alone time to recharge.

Maybe this solves the mystery of why I am usually tired.  My job, a job I love, involves at least 40 hours a week of social interaction.  I fake being an extrovert pretty well, but it is exhausting.  So maybe I do not need blood work, a special diet, or more supplements.  I just need to figure out how to fake being energized while pretending to be an extrovert.

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18 thoughts on “Introverts and Energy

    • It does help! I have rediscovered more formal meditation lately, but I have been escaping to my car or a walk during lunch for years. Just 10 minutes can help recharge me for the rest of my day. 8)

  1. There are several books about about this. The really odd thing is that people associate introversion with shyness and it’s not the same. I am not shy but introverted. I need alone time to recover from intense social situations but I do enjoy them.

    • I can totally relate to needing recovery. Because so many relate it to shyness, there have been many that great my confession of being an introvert with skepticism. However, those that spend a lot of time around me and know me well do get it.

  2. Susan Cain talks about this in her book as well. And it’s true. When I come home from a rare social outing, I’m exhausted–even if it was a relatively short event. Still, it’s good to put myself out there at times, and I usually really do enjoy it once I’m there. As long as I get my nap after… 😉

    • I will have to check out her work as well. Thanks.
      Getting myself to an event is my biggest hurdle but I am learning that if I budget in nap time after, it is easier to talk myself into going. 8)

  3. I just love this Katie! Probably 6 or 7 years ago I learned I was an introvert and realized why I reacted to certain things in my life like I did. I read probably 10 books on the topic! It was so fascinating to learn why people are so different. And it was very helpful to learn why I would get so tired after being overstimulated by the “world”. I loved the cartoon and images, they’re perfect! 🙂

  4. Very interesting way to look at things. I think that instead of going to my sleep eval I will find this book and learn to love being a bit of a hermit… I find everything that does not involve my bed and/or chair simply Exhusating these days…

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