Introducing: Have You Ever…

As this is a blog about one woman’s journey to health, I feel it is time to address those little moments in life when I think that I must be losing my mind.  The classic example is that of walking into a room and forgetting why you are there.  I have come to believe that most of us have these moments and so find comfort in realizing that we are not alone.

Whether we are actually losing our minds or not, at least we can journey together.

Have you ever…

Started the coffee and forget to put the coffee grounds in?

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35 thoughts on “Introducing: Have You Ever…

    • Well, that’s one way to avoid the problem. I probably have enough moments for a daily post, but I will keep it weekly for now; lest I convince myself that I have lost it and can’t get it back. 🙂

  1. Have you ever pressed the start button on the coffee and forgot to put the carafe in? I’ve done that more than once.

  2. Have you ‘ever’…forgotten to take your glasses off to put eye drops in?
    Have you ‘ever’ forgotten to put the clothes in and run the washing cycle completely?

    It’s a fun question…. Diane

  3. Your blog isn’t big enough for me to list all the “things” I forgot to do. My fav is always “looking for something I just put down….someplace….usually in front of me or occasionally it’s in my hand or in the case of glasses, on my head.” Thought provoking post. What was it about again? Oh yes, I made “coffee” without beans. Saves on money but doesn’t taste good.

  4. Maybe the sign is that you need hot water, not coffee? I guess I’ve done most every such silly thing. Losing my mind? Trying to do too much too fast? Tired? In a meditative trance? A large percentage of the time my mind does work, so I’m grateful! 🙂

    • I will keep some lemon slices on the ready, just in case. ;). I am also grateful for my brain’s track record. Less errors than Windows. 8)

  5. I’m over 70 so I am definitely a candidate for this experience. I find that these situations occur when I am not paying attention to what I am doing. If you pull your attention back to the present you will find that this doesn’t happen so often. The old “Be here now” works well.

  6. Just this morning I pushed down on my mouse and nothing happened. I pushed down 2 more times before I realized I had not put any staples in it.

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