Popping Pills 4: Turmeric


I take Turmeric a few times a week.  I began using it when I heard that I should add turmeric to my juicing regime to fight inflammation.  I still use it in my juices but I only juice 1-3 times a week.  Here is information from another blogger that uses curcumin for pain. (Thanks for the lead Carrie!)

There has been a good amount of research on turmeric.  However, there are not a lot conclusive findings and the search for answers lumbers on.  The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin.  This substance is what is used in many studies.  There have been studies that demonstrate different results when using the whole plant verses just one of its extracts.  So, when looking up research studies, please keep in mind that the actual chemical used, may not be the exact supplement you are taking.  For another opinion, this site does discuss the difference between the extract and the whole plant.

What Turmeric May Help

Inflammation, Arthritis, Stomach and GI issues,

Bloating, Water Retention, Skin Problems, Infections, Headache,

Cancer, Ulcerative colitis, Viruses, Transplant Rejection

Warnings and Precautions:  

Do not take if you are pregnant

It may decrease blood clotting so discuss with your doctor if you are on blood thinners or have a blood disorder, or are having surgery

It may affect blood sugar levels

May cause stomach upset

It may stimulate bile production so do not use if you have gallbladder problems or a bile duct obstruction

Please discuss all supplements with your doctor

Does this sound like a pharmaceutical add yet?

Other Sources:

American Cancer Society

Medline Plus/NIH

Natural News

University of Maryland Medical Center

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13 thoughts on “Popping Pills 4: Turmeric

  1. While I don’t use it as a supplement, I do use it often as a seasoning, especially in rice, bean, and seafood dishes. It’s also a lovely yellow Easter egg dye! 😉 xoxoM

  2. Another blogger I follow posted on this once. She’s done her research on the supplement, and since she’s started taking it, she’s noticed an improvement. Will be interesting to see what the future research shows.

  3. Hi Katie! Thanks for the mention to my pain post. (Thanks to Carrie for telling you.)

    I started taking curcumin again shortly after I wrote that post. I deliberately didn’t take any ibuprofen, and I only made it about a week before I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer (at night and morning while lying in bed). I had to add IB again at night. It took about three weeks before I started to notice the decrease in pain due to the curcumin.

    I’m not always organized, and I didn’t order my next bottle until I had taken the last of the new bottle. I had to wait five days before it arrived, and by the fifth morning, I noticed the pain creeping back.

    I’ve been taking it for a week again now, and I’m completely off of ibuprofen. I have some aches and pains, but the pain in my hips, arms/shoulders, and my low pack are diminished greatly, and in some cases, gone. My pills are 1,000 mg., and I take four per day. I started with 1 pill per day for a week, then two per day for a week, then moved to four per day from there on out. I’m not on any medication, and the only other supplement I take is fish oil.

    I take curcumin for pain, but hope there are other good things happening from it, too.

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