Treadmill Lake

I was determined to get out on my paddleboard yesterday.  Weatherman said there is rain coming, but not until later that day.  He also said that there was some wind, but not too bad. That is what I heard anyway.  Thus began…

The Fear Factor Workout

Lil’ Red and I started our way out of the protected launch area.

Safe Harbor

As we made our way across the lake the wind was blowing left to right.  I can handle this.  It was blowing me towards the bank so I could not rest without risking being driven into grassy shores.  I can handle this.

As we continue on, the wind shifts to become a tailwind.  The water is a little more rough.  I can handle this.  We slip through a small canal into a smaller lake.  The winds were more quiet and so we stopped for a rest.

Lake of Rest

Exiting the lake, we passed by a father and son that had just reeled in a nice catch.

Catch and Release

On one side of the canal is an apartment building.  A lady shouted from the third floor, “good girl!”   I looked up, saw her grinning, gave a wave, and then it hit me…

The wind had picked up and was straight into my face.  As the waves from the lake I was entering hit the board, we started to spin around.  I began to laugh as I pictured my cheerleader cracking up from her third floor perch.

We could barely get out of the canal.  I sat down and began to perfect sit down paddleboarding.  I can handle this.

Fifteen minutes later, my hip flexers are cramping and I try to lay on my stomach and paddle like a surfer.  I can handle this.

Gilligan's Island Anyone?


The marina entrance is now in site, barely.  I sit up to take a picture of the drama.  By the time I figured out the battery was dead, Lil’ Red had spun around.  I can handle this.

I got to my feet and paddled on the treadmill.

30 minutes out and 60 minutes back.  One adventurous workout over.  Whew!

Photo found


23 thoughts on “Treadmill Lake

    • It has become my new mantra (as of yesterday). Stuck in traffic? I can handle this. New work demands added with less time? I can handle this. 8)

      • Up until today I only worried a little bit about alligators and coral snakes but I wrestled with the wind once and lost. Hope you at least got a little adrenalin rush. Those are special adventures.
        But I loved the story. Keep it up. 8-}

        • That sounds like an interesting story…Of course the question preceding each of my declarations was, should I grab my PFD and swim Lil’ Red to one of the docks that speckled the shore line or, can I handle this? More dramatic without the question 😉

  1. I was on the edge of my seat reading this, I chewed my finger nails, closed my eyes but opened them when I read that you could handle it Katie. My life will never be the same again 😀 Ralph xox

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